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RTC Commemorative Brick/Tile Prices
(Red Brick w/black epoxy filled engraving)
4” x 8” Brick Paver: $48
8” x 8” Brick Paver: $100
12” x 12” Corporate Brick Paver (includes logo): $500

(choose one of four colors (below) and a finished wood stand is included)
4” x 8” Tile w/stand (includes shipping): $60
8” x 8” Tile w/stand (includes shipping): $75
12” x 12” Corporate Tile (includes logo): $500
24” x 24” Tile with Engraved Sailor’s Creed: $275 (no stand included)
Custom Tiles with logo and special messages can be created, call for a quote.

Sample Tile Colors:

Oyster #101

Buckskin #105

Red #310

Gray #507

Tile/Brick Examples:

4"x8" brick pavers with 8"x8" brick paver

4"x8" brick pavers

4"x8" brick paver

8"x8" brick paver with 4"x8" brick pavers

8"x8" brick paver

4"x8" brick pavers

4"x8" brick paver

4"x8" brick paver

4"x8" tiles with stands
(colors #310 & #101)

4"x8" tile with stand

4"x8" tiles with stands
(colors #507 & #105)

12"x12" Corporate Sponsor Tile

24"x24" Sailor's Creed

Interested in Purchasing?
Download order form below (include payment information--one order form for each brick and/or tile ordered.)
Fax order form to 1-847-688-5709.
Mail order form to: MWR Dept-Bldg. 160, 2601 E. Paul Jones St., Great Lakes, IL 60088
All orders will be re-confirmed for accuracy.
All major credit cards accepted. Check or Money Orders should be made out to MWR FUND and enclosed with your order form.
More questions? Call toll free at 1-866-35BRICK (2-7425).

The Order Form is in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you do not have it you may download the latest version for free.

*Orders will be processed as we receive them.
*Brick & Tile orders will be filled in 6-8 weeks.
*Notification (and location) of installation will be sent to you at the address listed on the order form.
*Once confirmed all orders/sales are final.
*MWR has the right to refuse orders based on appropriateness of text on bricks/tiles.


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