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Book your next military or friends and family fare online with MWR Travel Plus and help fund your sailors recreation program TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. E-mail or call toll free to speak with an experienced MWR Travel Plus Agent on : +1 (800) 905 9330
All major credit cards are accepted - please supply valid contact name, phone number, address and email when booking online Credit Cards

   Important Requirements when using this site to book travel

     Use the above search tool to find your next fare. Look out for 'military' or 'agency special' identifiers next to your search results. These will indicate you have found a discounted fare through the Travel Plus and MWR partnership.

If you select a military fare, indicated with a 'military fare ID required' icon you MUST provide proof of your military ID when checking in for your flight, hotel or car rental. Failure to do so will result in denial of boarding. If you have any concerns on your eligibility please contact your Travel Plus MWR Agent toll free on +1 (800) 905 9330

      E-Tickets- When booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation page via E-mail. Please print or save this for later use. Please make sure you register with a valid E-mail address and contact phone to avoid delay in processing your tickets and confirmation. You can contact a Travel Plus agent by phone during business hours 9AM to 5PM M-F at +1 (800) 905 9330

      Sometimes the best fares are only available on certain days of the week, or specific times of day. If your travel plans are flexible, try a few different scenarios to see if the fares change. Search results found through this site reflect real time availability and are subject to change

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